Auto Connection Manassas Va Reviews

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Auto Connection, Manassas, Offers Second Chance at Financing

Auto Connection, Manassas Va-based car dealership, provides consumers with poor credit a chance at financing.

Auto Connection, Manassas, Assists Car Buyers with Poor Credit

Times are hard, and people are facing some issues when it comes to spending money on large assets like homes and cars, but fortunately there are companies like Auto Connection, Manassas-based car dealership, that are willing to work with customers who are in financially unstable situations. 

Ever since the recession struck several years ago, people have thought twice about their spending habits and have become hesitant about making large purchases, especially since their credit has possibly suffered some backlash. Thanks to Auto Connection, people no longer have to worry about facing immediate rejection due to poor credit.

The company was founded in 2007 by an entrepreneur who had previously worked in car dealerships and had decided to go into business for himself. Because Auto Connection was founded on the front end of the recession, the company was able to run lean and mean. Despite the rest of the industry taking heavy hits in the midst of the marketing collapse, Auto Connection stood strong and came out of the ordeal as a success. Since then, the company has maintained consistent business practices and ideals, which have led to continued prosperity to this day.

Auto Connection has received a fair share of awards and formal recognition for its outstanding services. It is part of the Top 100 Club at Manheim Pennsylvania Auto Auction, which is the largest auto auction in the world and is located in Manheim, Pennsylvania. as of 2013 the company has sold over 10,000 cars and has distributed over $100 million in auto loans to people who have poor credit.

Auto Connection, Manassas, specializes in delivering generous financing options for consumers whose credit has gone down to unfavorable levels. These customers often face quick rejection from other dealerships and find it difficult to acquire a car due to poor credit scores, previous car repossessions, bankruptcies, and other situations. 

Auto Connection understands that times are difficult for everyone, which is why the company was built around giving people a second chance at financing. This quality is rare in the car dealership industry, and consumers cannot find many other companies who will offer such amazing financing options for people with poor or no credit.

Auto Connection, Manassas, is a high-volume car dealership. It purchases all of its cars from reputable sellers who are able to verify that the vehicles are in great condition. The sellers have to produce reports that the pre-owned cars’ components, such as the engines and transmission, are in working condition. Taking the extra step, the company also conducts additional inspections on every vehicle that comes onto the lot. 

The experts at Auto Connection want to ensure that no customer is driving away in a car that is in less-than-great condition. The company stands behind the vehicles it sales by gives every retail customer a 3 month and / or 3,000 mile warranty. The company also offers extended warranties that can cover the customers vehicles for up to 5 years. Since the company purchases its vehicles in good condition, and since the mechanical experts are always conducting a thorough inspection, there are very few warranty claims at Auto Connection, Manassas. 

Auto Connection, Manassas, understands the importance of Internet connectivity in this day and age. That is why the company operates a fully functional website that is packed with features to help the average car buyer. 

Visitors to this website,, can see a detailed description of each car in the inventory and can use a helpful tool that will let them narrow down their options according to what they are looking for in a vehicle. The site also features a digital copy of the financing application that customers can fill out completely on their computer.

Auto Connection, Manassas, wants people to reach out to the company with any questions or concerns regarding their car financing needs. People can find a majority of the information that they need right on the website, but they can also get in contact with the dealership in several other ways.

  • People can call Auto Connection at 571-535-2727
  • They can also send an email to
  • Visitors can fill out a contact form with their full name, email, phone number, and a brief message regarding their question or concern. A representative will reach out to them with a solution in a reasonable amount of time.
  • Finally, fans of Auto Connection, Manassas, can follow the company on various social networking sites, such as Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn.

The success of Auto Connection, Manassas, comes from a variety of factors. One of the key components to the company’s continued prosperity is its staff. These experts are the best in the industry and have taken the car sales sector to a whole new level. They have opened up the industry to a new demographic, which consists of people who are down on their luck and have poor credit. By working with this underappreciated section of the customer base, the company is able to see levels of success that are unparalleled in the industry.

Another component to Auto Connection’s success is its relationship with banks and sellers. The company often purchases its cars through auctions, where its experts are quick to verify and inspect the vehicles’ conditions to make sure that they are ready for selling. Few other companies in the industry put as much effort into the details as Auto Connection, Manassas.

  • In addition to the company having amazing relationships with it's partners, you can also find out what its customers have to say about the outstanding service they received by reading the 100's of outstanding reviews customers have left on many 3rd party review sites.